Simeon Rückert


Fresh from the bear infested Black Forest, the founder of Berlin-based QWISIN and CC /104, Simeon has a real passion for creating jaw-dropping fine dining recipes.
In his home studio he is constantly hard at work on his latest composition, new avours and cutting-edge design.

His online cooking classes explain how we can all create own fine dining experience with friends and family in the comfort of our own homes, and Simeon is a big believer in food’s magical power to bring people together.

Other strings to his bow and feathers in his cap include his work as a private chef for hire and cooking teacher at Goldhahn & Sampson. And as a natural creative talent, Simeon also creates food installations and dining experiences for „The H&C Gallery“ in Berlin.


He currently works in the world renowned and Michelin star decorated restaurant Nobelhart & Schmutzig in Berlin.


Photo by Maximilian Stedtfeld
Photo by Maximilian Stedtfeld

CC /104

Experience the first revolution in the chocolate industry since 140 years.


CC/104 stands for Craft Chocolate / Prenzlauer Berg, made by Simeon Rückert (proud disciple of the grandmaster of chocolate, Holger Int’Veld) // Nobelhart & Schmutzig Berlin.


"Untempered chocolate breaks the known flavour profile and is puristic and funky at the same time. It brings out the authentic flavour off the bean and its terroir. This becomes incredibly interesting when you know that there are more than 20,000 different varieties of cocoa beans.

We only do Untempered Chocolate.

You know the drill from Third Wave Coffee and natural wine: finally it's the cacao's turn, intensely fermented, briefly roasted, funky, fruity and at the same time classic and purist.

Our goal is to bring out the authentic flavour of the bean and its terroir. That is why we have developed the first easy-to-use system for Untempered Chocolate."

Photo y Sabine Zoltnere
Photo y Sabine Zoltnere

Simeon cooking @ the gallery (2019)

Qwisin Berlin Trailer

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