MAGI aka. Random Soave aka. WitzWilly aka. Young Diplomatic grew up in Bonn, New Delhi and Jakarta. He found Berlin (or the P-Berg to be specific) - he calls home, in 2004.


Somewhere in the myst of the Berlin night a bond was formed.

A bond with people, situations, the absurd beauty of things - first & foremost the love for capturing these moments.

Real people in real situations, sometimes directed, or staged - always spontaneous. His art is created within moments which keeps the spontaneity and creativity flowing. 


 "The greatest moments are created together & everything is there already - you just just need to touch it."


Magi is the creative director of the H&C.



Selected Photography

Natural Habitat / Urban Surrealism (Selected)

An ongoing art project and series of surrealistic photographs showing and depicting people in their personal and perceived Natural Habitat

Part of these works have recently been exhibited at:



Blue Goat Gallery (P-Berg)

The Ballery (Schöneberg)

Salvatore Pulvermacher (P-Berg)

Illuseum Berlin



European Parliament - Brussels




Part of a series taken during the Pasazer Exhibition at the H&C Gallery

Inbetween (selected)

Part of a series taken during the Inbetween Installation at the H&C Gallery

Interpretation is free

Soundscapes and visuals of Family, Friends & Strangers
 Germany / year A.D . ca 2016-2017

Selected Spoken word

King & Queen

The king is an optimist
the queen is INBETWEEN
firm but jiggly from behind
long legged and lean
a dream
the star of the scene
the king is keen
afraid of his inner fiend
is driven
from time to time manic
or so they say
but maybe they are stuck in a  loop
the queen still INBETWEEN
living on fruit
forbidden or not
the she-it
cause she it
and it means a lot
so don’t wait on the drop
this be the cream of the crop
the whole lot
a 24 hour shop
this pair`s been around the block
where time flies and abides by
no rules
love true
just me
just you
so cool
so smooth

The king is he a fool
perhaps the blue is red
and the queen sits in a nest
where the PAST is a pest
full of distress and tristess
what now
did the queen turn into a mistress
the king is next
and to his dismay
to this day
this play is still on its way
to becoming life
a parallel reality

The queen asks
what of that
task of us
will it stay
or will we finally lay
to wake
and away
to a place where time stays
and not flies
where lies are not needed
cause this king is not conceited
at least not towards her
the queen
the woman of his dreams

I´m astounded i´m ashamed
the king frowns and smiles
at the same time
cause the FUTURE has not yet passed
the present as always is last
but what will last
is that moment of weakness
that moment of truth
that present yet to be passed on
in a song of now
where the queen says wow 5 times
cause she always counts
and he hopes on him
are you thick skinned she asks
he laughs
thinks fast
contemplating the PAST
i don´t think so he says
are you
he asks
the queen can´t answer in the present
still to much her PAST
the FUTURE is clear
at least to him
he gasps
the king and the queen have become one
at last.

angry now

 Angry now
angry how
angry hour
caused me to have a couple to much Whisky sours
let´s start to devour
our feelings
no clothes
just shower
in these words
unheard of
like turks getting along
with kurds
now I just wanna live in a world
where bees are perceived as birds
and my thirst is quenched not drained
a place where society isn´t stained
and i´m not pained
the constant search for light

cause what am I then

a man with no phone
a horse with no name
a play with no game
a star with no fame
wouldn´t that be a shame
so let´s take aim
and jump out of that frame
where the same bullshit
is fed to us
each and every single day
and not once in a blue moon
fuck it
let´s swoon
and take a step back
to acknowledge the fact
that this is just rap
and a fucking ballon by Jeff Koons
shouldn´t be worth 58 million bucks
what the fuck
has this world run-a-muck
did we all of a sudden just get stuck
and stopped getting together for potluck dinners
did our skin get thinner
did everyone distinguish themselves as a winner
did our inner circle get lost
a la la la la long the way
fuck it
let´s sway
and although I never pray
I never thought about it twice
cause living an unfulfilled life
is like being stuck in purgatory
with an unappreciative wife, right?
sometimes confidence is seen as arrogance, aight!
so what
I don’t see you putting up a fight
all i see
is you talking bout last night
when you were high as a kite

as if I care

nah son
I can´t bare your banality
it seriously is a fucking tragedy
to me your words are blasphemy
and the one thing you are missing is duality
so if this shit did´t help you connect your eyes to your mind
to see
the trees, birds and bees i talked bout before
I for one can mos def not help you G


both of us probably need THERAPY!

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