Daniel Daoudi

Master of Arts Stage Design & Scénographie
Master of Arts Culture Science & Management


Founder of lab-montage.com


When I founded lab montage I thought about how can I work with spaces and public spaces. With the idea of creating a lab I needed to know how & where can I build it?

I learned it can be everywhere in our environment & social spaces. I just have to add my lab to our surrounding & urban fields ... I started with my ideas & projects and learned more about the mounting of a lab and to work with it in spaces. Those two different process lead me to "lab montage".

lab montage stays for laboratory of temporary art and discovers with there own concepts new ways in the art world.


On my way through Europe I started my 1st art projects in Amsterdam. Since 2010 I run my projects under the label lab montage. Since them lab montage creates new formats and became a part of the Berlin art & culture scene and across the World.

Photo by Maximilian Stedtfeld
Photo by Maximilian Stedtfeld

About Lab montage

Lab montage is a scenography studio for art spaces and cultural institutions. We create installations and concepts for a specific space, themes or context. The integration of our experience with spaces includes many levels of art, performance, light & design.

lab … a facility for research, experiments, processes and fusions. „montage“ from the French for putting together, constructing or mounting. The French verb “monte” means “rising”.

“experimenting” and “mounting” are the key concepts underpinning lab montage and form the foundations of all our professional consulting services and conceptions of art- and cultural projects.

light concept neues museum /// museumsnacht
light concept neues museum /// museumsnacht

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