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Our Story

The H&C collective and gallery was founded in April 2017. Located in a Berlin apartment, which we transformed into a space where art became the norm and the lines between fantasy and reality blurred.

 The H&C was born!


We had shows for gallery weekend, Berlin Art week as well as solo-showcases for international artists, slowly growing our community. During this time the gallery became a place of constant change, welcoming around a thousand visitors in just over a year.  

 The H&C sees itself as a platform for talented up-and-coming artists. It is a hub for contemporary art with works ranging from paintings, sculptures, photography to installations. Located  just a stones throw from the famous Mauerpark in the borough of Prenzlauer Berg.

This part of Berlin was famous for it's underground art movements and scene, flourishing in the 90's. It is this spirit that the spirit of the gallery and the collective can be seen as an homage too.


As the gallery slowly turned back into an apartment (filled with art) there is no-fixed spot at this time,

but we have small showcases in several spots across Berlin, as well as shows and spontaneous interventions here and there.


We are always open for collaborations and projects - feel free to reach out at any time.


Yours truly, H&C!

When Life imitates art

And The Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlić Radman pays you a visit.

"Taken in 2017 during the exhibition Out of Balance by Vanja Jović."

New Exhibition: Natural Habitat

Building a gallery from the ashes (2016/17)

H&C Shenanigans

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